Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore, or are we?

Spring in many parts of the country brings horrendous tornados, and having grown up in the midwest I am very familiar with monthly tornado drills (the first Tuesday of the month) when the sirens would ring out across the town.  As a North Carolinian for 10 of the past 12 years, I've only worried about tornadoes that have spawned from hurricanes in the fall.  This past month, however, has brought North Carolina, and the Triangle specifically, horrible tornadoes that have caused loss of life and destruction of property.  As I noted in my previous post, Historic Oakwood Cemetery, in downtown Raleigh since 1869, was hard hit on April 16.  While the clean up has been amazing, there's still work to do.  As the only non-profit cemetery in the city, the work is not only laborious but hugely expensive as well.  Check out some photos of the destruction.

Now look at the restoration work already being completed!

The cemetery staff is dedicated to restoring Historic Oakwood Cemetery to it's most beautiful state.  Since the devestation, they have already hosted an Easter Egg Hunt activity for neighborhood children and an Easter Sunrise Service.  On Saturday, my tour Stories & Stones will occur at the cemetery at 1pm.  The staff is working diligently and I have no doubt that Oakwood will return to the peaceful sanctuary in a busy city in no time.

These spring tornadoes here in North Carolina and the deep south have changed all of us.  The hurt and devastation cause by the loss of life will linger for years to come.  However, it is reinvigorating to see that slowly, and as a team, we can take charge and work to rebuild our communities with the help of caring neighbors and friends.

To watch this transformation unfold at Historic Oakwood Cemetery, visit the cemetery on facebook or follow their happenings on Twitter. @Historicoakwood.

Feel free to come out to the tour on Saturday!  We start at the Cemetery office at 1pm.  

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